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The Art of Walls

Wall Art Hare Krishna Indian Traditional
Wall Art Hare Krishna Indian Traditional
Wall Art Hare Krishna Indian Traditional
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All About Liviu

"Like the water comes from heat and heat from fire and fire from sun, water comes from clouds too and Sun with Rain combined  give a multi color Rainbow  in this way  we combine the colours  in your home  to be always in harmony with the inner side." 

My name is Liviu. I have been a painter and decorator for 20 years, 13 years of which I spent in Italy, where I became skilled in my specialised area of work. I create walls that go beyond the standard, using the finest materials sourced from Italy.


My team of experienced painters also offer all types of restoration, painting and decorating services. We work with homeowners, business owners, contractors, interior designers and architects to create walls that go beyond the standard. Together with you, we can design a plan befitting your needs, budget and time frame.


We are based in Harrow, covering across Middlesex, London, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and all surrounding counties.

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ABC Painting Services

The Art of Walls


Spatula Stuhhi

Perfect Finish

These lime-based products sink their roots into the history of Venetian and Italian plasters. The final texture can be varied: smooth and glossy or textured and opaque.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer painting and decorating services for all kinds of walls in London?

Yes, from regular wall paintingto Italian Venetian polished plaster,Marmorino Plaster, Textured Plasterand decorative wall paint, the possibilities are endless with choice of shades and textures.

2. Can you paint a custom feature wall with motifs or murals?

Why not? That is, in fact, is my specialty. I have a very distinctive style of art, which works to completely transform the look and energy of the space. We specialize in designing bespoke feature walls for homes, studios, offices and cafes.

3. What are the options in polished plasters?

Our team of artisan painters and decorators in Londoncan create exceptional polished plaster surface finishes from marmorino, stucco to Venetian Plaster.

4. What do I need to hire you?

We keep it simple. We begin with discussing your requirements&can design a plan befitting your needs, budget and time frame.

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Once we have discussed your requirements, the hiring process is as simple as hiring any standard painting and decorating services in London.



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