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Revitalise and rejuvenate your cherished pieces—whether it's old furniture for restoration or delicate and priceless antique wood furniture, we can restore it to its former glory . Our restoration services cater to vintage furniture restoration and vintage wood restoration in Harrow, breathing new life into these timeless treasures.

Our comprehensive approach includes French polishing, woodworm treatment, repairs, upcycling, and meticulous restoration of vintage and antique wood furniture. We prioritise affordability without compromising quality craftsmanship.

Rest assured, we prioritise safety, offering full insurance coverage for the secure collection and delivery of your furniture from your home to our studio. Additionally, for larger pieces, our adept team can efficiently work on-site, ensuring the restoration process is convenient and hassle-free for you.

antique wood furniture restoration
  • 1. What is Spirito Libero plaster?
    Spirito Libero, a lime-based polished plaster which creates a simple, clean wall with breathability, is resistant to alkaline attack and is an excellent anti-mildew & anti-bacterial product. Spirito Libero is like the classical Marmarino plaster.
  • 2. Is Spirito Libero Plaster suitable for interiors?
    Spirito Libero is a high quality Marmorino (marble powder) suitable for decorating indoor wall surfaces with stucco satin finish.
  • 3. Do you also do advanced Spirito Libero plaster?
    Yes, we do. From smooth matte to satin glossy looks, our entire range of lime based natural materials is used only by highly skilled artisans with extensive experience in this field.Please click here for a FREE quote.
  • 4.  Is Spirito Libero plaster suitable for UK climatic conditions?
    Certainly. The great thing about Spirito Libero is that it has amazing resistance towards mould. It is also a bactericide which allows constant carbonation, which in turn, offers excellent moisture resistance. So, no matter the kind of climate you live in, we can do it for you, and it will last for years in UK climate.


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