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ABC Painting - The Art of Walls uses the state of the art Italian materials and tools from the only number one supplier in the UK, Giorgio Graesan.

At our online gallery accessible through our website, you'll encounter the entire spectrum of Giorgio Graesan wall paint products, each embodying the pinnacle of quality and innovation. Our online gallery serves as a hub for design enthusiasts, decorators, and homeowners seeking the finesse and sophistication that Giorgio Graesan's paint products bring to interior design. Explore our virtual gallery to witness firsthand the diverse collection of Giorgio Graesan paint products, meticulously crafted to elevate your spaces with unparalleled style and refinement.


Giorgio Graesan's paint products are revered for their exquisite quality, offering a broad spectrum of options to suit various design preferences and atmospheres. From the opulence of Giorgio Graesan Istinto to the shimmering allure of Gioia Pearlescent Paint, the versatility of Giorgio Graesan's offerings ensures there's a perfect fit for every aesthetic vision. Whether you're looking to adorn your walls with the understated elegance of Giorgio Graesan Minimal Paint or seeking the bold statement of Giorgio Graesan Metal Finishes, our extensive selection caters to diverse design aspirations.

Understanding the importance of transparency and accessibility, we strive to provide comprehensive information about Giorgio Graesan paint products and their prices.


Contact us directly through our website to inquire about pricing details, allowing us to tailor our services to meet your specific needs and budget requirements. Our dedicated team is committed to offering guidance and assistance, ensuring you have the necessary details to make informed decisions about the ideal Giorgio Graesan paint products for your project.

For those in search of Giorgio Graesan wall paint, our online gallery on the website is a haven, offering an immersive experience that showcases the artistry and versatility of these exceptional paint products. Visit our website today and let us guide you through the extensive range of Giorgio Graesan paint products, helping you transform your space into a masterpiece of design and sophistication.

  • 1. What is Spirito Libero plaster?
    Spirito Libero, a lime-based polished plaster which creates a simple, clean wall with breathability, is resistant to alkaline attack and is an excellent anti-mildew & anti-bacterial product. Spirito Libero is like the classical Marmarino plaster.
  • 2. Is Spirito Libero Plaster suitable for interiors?
    Spirito Libero is a high quality Marmorino (marble powder) suitable for decorating indoor wall surfaces with stucco satin finish.
  • 3. Do you also do advanced Spirito Libero plaster?
    Yes, we do. From smooth matte to satin glossy looks, our entire range of lime based natural materials is used only by highly skilled artisans with extensive experience in this field.Please click here for a FREE quote.
  • 4.  Is Spirito Libero plaster suitable for UK climatic conditions?
    Certainly. The great thing about Spirito Libero is that it has amazing resistance towards mould. It is also a bactericide which allows constant carbonation, which in turn, offers excellent moisture resistance. So, no matter the kind of climate you live in, we can do it for you, and it will last for years in UK climate.


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