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ABC Painting - The Art of Walls uses the state of the art Italian materials and tools from the only number one supplier in the UK, Giorgio Graesan.

We take immense pride in the design and quality of our creations. With an amazing choice of colours and huge selection of finishes to choose from there’s no limit to what can be created using Giorgio Graesan and friends materials. All beautifully handcrafted from homes, bathrooms, restaurants, dessert bars, studios, galleries to bars.

We can help you choose from Giorgio Graesan minimal paint, Giorgio Graesan Istinto, Gioia pearlescent paint, Giorgio Graesan Spatula Stuhhi, Giorgio Graesan Spirito Libero, Giorgio Graesan Le Vellature, Giorgio Graesan Muro naturale, Giorgio Graesan Microcement and Giorgio Graesan Metal finishes.

No matter where you’re located in the UK, we believe in providing an exceptional level of service to each and every client.


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